Built in 1978

As it so happens I am scheduled to turn 33 today.  We will see if that actually happens due to scheduling conflicts and/or contracts already in place.  Regardless, the train continues to move through the station and doesn’t stop for no one.  After all, today is just another Tuesday.  Although not sure why, but people seem to be sending me more comments on Facebook than usual. 

Tonight, dinner with the wife at Morton’s.  I guess the weight of another year washes down better with a tender Filet Mignon and a glass of Cabernet.  After all, I am kind of a big deal there.   There was some nice man at the door who parks my car for me (for free)!  I don’t think they do that for just anyone.   I mean, last year they even took my picture and everyone autographed it.  After all what kind of value would it be to spend $200 at a restaurant and not walk away with a souvenir? 

I’m not worried about what the next 33 years might hold, I just hope they can follow the first act.  I’m just sayin’…


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